in which frank covers the postal service at 13:36 and i simply melt.

50 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2014 Pictures - Hardest-Rocking Acoustic Guitarist: Frank Turner | Rolling Stone


"Hardest rocking acoustic guitarist"? Sounds about right tbh

There is nothing more amazing than finding the one band that completes your soul. For me, that’s Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off.

“Don’t be the kind of person who doesn’t get involved, you won’t get invited to parties, you’ll live a terribly sad life” — Frank Turner, advanced level crowd participation at Coachella

“This song’s about staying up late past your bedtime on a Sunday night” —

Frank Turner (about Peggy sang the blues), Coachella 2014

pretty appropriate for those of us staying up late to watch the livestream



Frank is ~up next~ on the coachella livestream - make sure you choose “channel 2”